Bedding Duvet Cover Sets

Botanical Able
Itis made up of leaves of various shapes and colors. Verdure represents spring, bright green represents summer, yellow represents autumn, and brown represents winter. Each form of leaf has its own unique beauty. Meaning enjoy every day and every moment of your life. Enjoyable

Botanical Bert
Palm leaves are a well known sight that usually brings thoughts of warm, sunny vacations and tropical beaches. They are deep in history and tradition, standing a symbol of success and even victory. Palm leaves are mentioned in the Bible and are seen in artwork from ancient Egypt,Rome, and elsewhere.


Cartoon Kosma
This is a stary about space. Astronauts are walking in space. Actually, the moon and stars are not far away from us. Because we are living in the same universe. Spacewalk

Cartoon Kent
There are space stations, UFOs, and varies planets. It’s a world we don’t know all about, so magical, so fascinating. Decorate your dreams

Star Phil
Little stars one after another, like shattered silver sprinkled on a white cloth, crystal clear. Sparking, like the eyes of a naughty doll, it contains hidden secrets. One by one litter stars are arranged in the sky in an orderly manner, like the notes on the staff, shining and jumping, turning into an invisible melody floating in the sky.


Forest theme with trees and mountains surrounding printed on white, which will create apeaceful atmosphere for your home.


Geometric Brooklyn
I am not just a shape
| am more than just my angles and edges, curved lines and failed attempts at symmetry
I am multidimensional- Undefined and Immeasurable.

Ink Painting

Ink painting Angle
It is a traditional Chinese landscape ink painting with calming color palette of navy blue and white. The blue is the sea and sky, the white is the sunny cloud, they are merged with each other evokes us the sunny day and beautiful environment, which brings a sense of serenity to your home.

Ink Panting Connaught
A pattern full of optical illusion. In the distance, they look like dark leaves, They look like shells when you are near. After a long time watching, it turns to a multi-faceted mirror reflecting light from different directions. Our life is always full of true and false, but the most important thing is that we need to keep an ordinary mindset to face everything. Magical


Ocean Atum
The sea, as horizontal as a mirror of a deep writer; the sea, like a giant dragon splashing in the clouds; the sea, like silk road silk and satin shining colorful sea. Sea wave

Solid Color

Aqua/cyan is a greenish-blue color shade and it would easily completeness with any decor and change your bedroom into a newer look.

Pale pink is lighter than normal pink and it’s so gorgeous for girls and ladies.


Texture Karen
Texture is a natural structural form. In the nature, like the universe texture or wood texture, they all have their unique forms. They are like a lot of winding streams, or many curves of uneven thickness, the colors are different, and they are scattered, forming a unique and very personal work of art.

Stone Casterly Rock
There are also unique stones... some stones look like lotus petals, some look like elephant heads, some look like old people, some are like lying tigers, some are scattered like bridges. They settle in a gentle color background, formed a unique featured artwork.

Reversible Color

Reversible Color Green&White
The color green affects us physically and mentally in several different ways. Green is soothing, relaxing,and youthful. Green is a color that helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Green also brings a sense of hope, health, adventure,and vibrant, as well as self-control, compassion, and harmony.

Reversible Color Pink&White
Pink is the official color for little girls and represents sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink is the sweet side of the color red.

Clip Dot

100% washed Microfiber is super soft and comfortable. Stain resistance, breathing ability, wrinkle resistance, easy cleaning.Solid pattern with ruffles fringe design looks elegance and romantic, simple but stylish, instantly create a fresh new look in your bedroom.

Luxbedding Satin

Luxurious silky satin fabric: combining the advantages of silk and composite materials, softer, smoother and cooler than cotton, more durable and easier to care for than real silk.
True luxurious fabric, gorgeous color, elegant appearance and comfortable feeling.

Down Alternative Comforter

All Season Quilted Hotel Reversible Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs

Warm,Fluffy,Breathable,Lightweight,White,88x88 Inches

1. ULTRA SOFT&BREATHABLE COMFORTER-- The fabric of MILDLY comforter is fluffy and lightweight,proper thickness for all seasons, don't fell hot in summer and great thermal ability will keep you warm in cold winter. Proper thickness for all seasons,not too heavy to pressure you,Simple but elegant design
2. BETTER SLEEP--Comforter is made of microfiber material that increases breathability. FLUFFY and well-distributed, without any concern for clumping or horrible odor. Ggreat choice for those who can't use goose down and feather bedding.,giving you ultra easeful sleeping experience.
3. Design&Craft-- 350GSM Whole-piece Microfiber Fill Crafted with box stitching technology,helps minimize fill shifting. with zero concern of filling leakage or loose thread. EXQUISITE hemming, durable and long lasting. High quality fabric, which is also noiseless.
4. Easy Care&Convenient-- Machine washable (in cold water), no shrinkage or fade which saves you a lot of time and energy. Tumble dry on low heat..Please DO NOT PUT IT INTO HOT WATER.The 8 corner tabs make it extremely easy to put on any duvet cover and secures the comforter in place.
5. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-- High-quality is guaranteed for all your choice,if you have any questions when receive our comforter,please contact us and we will solve it for you at the first time.

Bedding Throws
Bedding Cushions
Bedding Pillows

According to ergonomic curve design, these pillows provide adequate support to your head, neck and shoulders, so that you fall asleep quickly and enjoy a comfortable night's sleep. Satisfy for side, stomach, back and all sleeping positions you prefer

Certificated by OEKO-TEX, our pillows encased in 100% cotton fabric material and filled in 100% German Imported Poly Gel Fiber are breathable fluffy and skin-friendly

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In 1996, Mildly was founded in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. In June of 2009,Factory move to china textile base Nantong due to business expansion,And established JIANGSU MEIDENI TEXTILE CO.,LTD With a registered capital of 30 million RMB and a total asset of 71.616 million RMB. Our brand SOULFUL is a complete enterprise that integrates R & D,production, marketing and sale.
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100% Combed Cotton in 60s Yarn Count - Made in Oeko-tex Standard 100 Factory, an Independent Certification System That Ensures Textiles Meet High Safety and Environmental Standard.
Strict manufacturing standard, less than 0.3% size deviation, 100% match your duvet quilt or comforter.
Product Information: Design for all seasons and offer the ultimate soft feeling. It’s luxurious, breathable, stylish, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, dust resistant and durable.
Elegant Color & Printed Pattern Design: MILDLY possess over than 100 copyright designs, providing unique and sweet private space for everyone. International pantone standard offers the elegant color and high-end pattern printed. Hence this duvet cover set can also be a bedroom decoration gift for your family and friends.
Zipper Closure & Corner Ties: The invisible side zipper closure easily allows you to insert and remove your duvet, it's more durable and reliable than button, easier to separate and launder. The four corner ties ensure that your comforter remains immovable in the cover, fasten duvet with ribbon inside and keep duvet right in place.
Easy Care: Machine washable, good color fastness, dust-free, low shrink and wrinkle resistant. PLEASE use tumble dry low temperature. DON’T bleach. Ironing at low temperatue.
We are here to help. Any issue please feel free to contact Mildly Customer Service Team.
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